Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to Ditch Your Fairy

How To Ditch Your Fairy.  Like everyone has one, right?  hehe
Title: How To Ditch Your Fairy
Author: Justine Larabalestier
Pages: 304
Genre: Cont. Fiction/Fantasy
Reccommended to: Teen Girls, 12-16, especially fans of Uglies
Rating: A-

Poor Charlie, bearer of a parking fairy.  Enter New Avalon, a futuristic new world where everyone has a fairy, whether it is a parking fairy, a clothes fairy, or even a all the boys you like fairy, like her friend Fiorenze has.  Charlie conquers up a plan to get rid of her fairy, by befriending Fiorenze.  
WOW.  I love this book.  When reading it, I was like, wow, this book is like Uglies, but more chicklity.  And I loved Uglies.  So, I looked at the back cover, and guess what?  Justine is married to Scott Westerfield, the author of the Uglies series.  Figures.  Back to the book.
I now want a fairy.  Please?  Except not a parking fairy. :-)  Again, not much to say about this book, but I JUST LOVED IT.  YOU NEED TO BUY IT NOW,  'Kay?


  1. Looking forward to beginning this one--the cover kinda bothers me but I love how unique it sounds!

  2. I've been meaning to read this since it came out. Kept postponing it for some reason.

  3. I didn't mind How To Ditch Your Fairy the whole idea of having fairies is awesome. If I could have a fairy I think I'd want a book fairy.

  4. I own this book, but have yet to read it. After reading your review, I think I'll have to bump it up on my reading list!

  5. This sounds really good :)

  6. I'm in the middle of reading Uglies,so if this book is as good as that I'm gonna buy it too.

  7. Thanks I'm needing some new good reads!

  8. I've seen this around. I might check it out!

  9. That looks like such a fun, cute book! And, I love the "Uglies" book!

  10. Now this is what I need, a fairy. I just have to read this book. Thank for reviewing it. I just came across your blog. I'm now a follower.

  11. Oh I love Uglies and this seems like such a good book. Thankyou for the review!